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Celebrating a Sox championship

As some of you know, my dad grew up just north of Boston in Southern Maine and he raised me to love all things New England. It’s in my blood.

Its been a long time since the Boston Red Sox won the series at Fenway, so this was a special year. I remember going to Fenway Park in 2004 seeing the Red Sox play the Orioles. My Uncle Allan lived near Boston. He got me seats behind home plate and it was awesome.

Dagum, if I could have had those seats for the World Series! Instead, I watched the game in my apartment with my college roommates. I was a bit nervous early in the series when the Sox fell behind two games to one. By the time it got to Game 6 though, we got really loud at our place, especially when Shane Victorino hit a three-run double in the third inning. A moment I will never forget!

When John Lackey walked to the dugout and tipped his hat to the home crowd, I knew that was a positive sign.

They definitely had it right picking David Ortiz as World Series MVP though. Well deserved! Can’t wait to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame to see the exhibit going up for my Sox win and counting down the months ’til next season! Let’s do it again Sox!